A poem…

February has passed and forgotten

The snow covered the thrash

And the starved roaches

Only the three-legged table

Made its presence known

It was evenly quiet

A desert heading to the altar

The supposed ideal pad

Caught in between hills

And dreams

Never dreamt

They both repeated over and over

To themselves

And others waiting for a report

On their latest undertaking:

It’s right across from Fort Tryon Park

Right across from the Cloisters

Where bloody unicorn tapestries

Hang center stage.

If they only knew then

The silence was about to be broken

They were about to be broken

Their perfect idyll shattered.


Manuel Adrián López 

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One Response to A poem…

  1. maya Islas says:

    bellisimo poema. tanto paisaje que conozco en tu poesía. Lo puse en mi muro.

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