I urge you to do the same

I am overwhelmed and drained after these two years of hateful speeches and rancid jokes. We can choose to continue posting angry comments for four more years or stop, detach ourselves from the passionate soul that resides within us and acknowledge the bigger picture here.

Americans are tired of corporate, ruling dynasties. We are done with the two-party system, which is really just one. Bernie Sanders promising candidacy was stolen shamelessly by the very same party he represents. This election’s outcome is the result of a nation that wants neither more Bush nor Clinton representing us.

These next four years will be a trial period not just for the new elected president, but for all of us as citizens of this nation. We have to move forward with a tinge of tenderness, and in the process, contribute to mend the results of failed decisions and shattered promises by politicians that we in fact have elected.

I for one find it unacceptable to contribute to the Greek chorus and the banter of “I am moving elsewhere.” I am staying right here and I will praise and criticize this president’s actions accordingly during the next four years.  I urge you to do the same.

Manuel Adrián López


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