March is Women’s History Month – Nancy Aidé Gonzalez

Photo by Andres Alvarez


By  Nancy Aidé Gonzalez


I am a foreigner in my own country

there is torment in the disconnection,

I examine the geometries of mountains and plateaus

pass by clamorous rivers,

the land remains the same.


The land remains the same

in the mirror, reflection

my face is my own

my wide brown eyes

my carefully drawn red lips,

the world has changed.


The world has changed,

I send a letter to a good friend

Wait for an answer that might never arrive,

the mailbox is empty

I must fill my own emptiness.


I must fill my own emptiness

the dirty laundry piles up,

politicians recite alternative lies on television

lying has somehow become the norm,

I march with millions in protest against injustice

raise my voice for the voiceless,

raids round up “unauthorized” immigrants

to be sent to Mexico,

there is an unraveling of fear and hate.


There is an unraveling of fear and hate

my soul knows the unsayable,

I drive to work and back home

throw things on the ground to see

how they fall,

pick up wilted flowers

try to revive them,

find a dead seagull on the path

blood encrusted with dirt

broken wing hanging,

I search for the bare skinned essence of

light within darkness.


I search for the bare skinned essence of

light within darkness,

at the park a small girl holds a red balloon

she becomes distracted by laughter

lets go of the string

watches the balloon float to meet the sun,

I want to peel the sun

lay my fingers on permanence.


I want to peel the sun

lay my fingers on permanence,

rays illuminate a thick black arrow tattooed

on the cashiers forearm,

I want to follow the arrow

to where it might take me,

so I may arrive at the unseen,

become connected.


I am a foreigner in my own country

the land remains the same

yet my world has changed,

memory filters through lace wings

those I thought I knew,

have become strangers.


Nancy Aidé González is a Chicana poet, educator, and activist. Her work has appeared in Huizache The magazine of Latino literature, La Tolteca, Mujeres De Maiz Zine, DoveTales, Tule Review, Seeds of Resistance Flor y Canto: Tortilla Warrior, Hinchas de Poesía, La Bloga, and several other literary journals. Her work is featured in the Poetry of Resistance: Voices for Social Justice, Sacramento Voices: Foam at the Mouth Anthology, Lowriting: Shots Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul, and Poetry in Flight/ Poesía en Vuelto: Anthology in Celebration of Tecolote. She on the board of directors at the Sacramento Poetry Center and is co-editor of the Tule Review literary journal. She hosts Mosaic of Voices, a poetry series which features multicultural poets in Sacramento, California. She is and a participating member of Escritores del Nuevo Sol and Circulo de Poetas.





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